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Object Detection Analytics is the innovative solution that allowed us to be recognized as the APN Social Impact Partner of the Year 2020. The APN Partner Awards recognize members of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) who are leaders in the channel and play a key role in helping customers to drive innovation and build solutions on AWS.
Object Detection is designed to monitor the distance between people and reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Developed from many years of experience in the manufacturing sector, the solution identifies fundamental assets and helps monitoring critical areas and adequately designing spaces. Object Detection leverages on-demand resources and scalable systems. Its modular architecture, combined with Cloud services, is perfectly tailored to respond effectively to specific data collection and analysis needs.

Our Object Detection Analytics solution is available in the Social distancing and screening section of the AWS Partner Solutions page, a space dedicated to innovative and agile digital solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our product has already been introduced at CeMeDI, a specialized and diagnostic outpatient center that has been a reference point in health care for over 70 years.

The APN Social Impact Partner of the Year 2020 designation is a testimony to the value of the relationship between Iconsulting and AWS.
We are proud of our leadership role in guiding customers toward innovation, and we will continue to help our clients responding to changes and successfully managing Digital Transformation processes.

Read the Highlight for complete information on our Object Detection Analytics solution.

We are the Social Impact Partner of the Year for Amazon Web Services!

Do you want to have complete information about the Object Detection Analytics solution and find out how it has been designed and applied at CeMeDi?

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