Ignite the right decision through human potential.

For us, data are firestones to spark knowledge and bring the light in the darkness of arbitrary informations. We help our clients evolve their relationship with data and gain awareness in decision making.


In a data-driven era, the right decision is always ensured by humans.

In these times of unlimited possibilities, you must stand strong for what you believe in. Our vision is rooted in our people. The choices that we make are enlightened by this clear vision.


    We are a Tech Champions team with different backgrounds, skills and experiences. We help companies to make the best decisions: those that only a multidisciplinary approach can trigger.


    We believe in the transformed value of knowledge, and in the importance of sharing our culture to inspire collaborators and customers. We take care of our clients by listening to them, anticipating their needs and responding to their demands at all times.


    We are Free vendors, which means we can move freely in our search for the best decision to make. Our customers trust our ability to provide solid solutions on which they can always rely. Our objectives define the tools, not vice versa.


    Our ambition is fueled by the power of innovation, giving life to meaningful experiences.

    We are inspired by change. We are an agile and dynamic reality, capable of taking on new challenges and opportunities.

As a demonstration of our commitment to support gender equality we have been honored with the title of “Best Workplaces™ Italy for Women 2018.

The ranking drawn up by Great Place to Work™ analyses 127 companies to reward the best working environments based on the opinion of the female population, as measured by the Climate Questionnaire Analysis Trust Index.

Not just an inspiring work environment.

We have been awarded as one of the best workplaces for five consecutive years, according to the standards of “Great Place to Work”.

Our Awards
Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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