With this partnership we aim to strengthen the focus on innovation in order to support our clients with the latest technologies and, thanks to the Cloud, achieve a successful Digital Transformation.

In this age of complex global challenges, Amazon Web Services has enabled its partners to create innovative solutions to tackle new needs. Already a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service for the past ten years, Amazon Web Services has now achieved first place in the highly developed Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services.

Our certified consultants will assist you with the implementation of your on-cloud Data Platforms and the migration of on-premises environments. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of data and our long-standing experience with AWS services, we support our clients in the analysis, assessment, design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructures built using Amazon Web Services technologies.

Data Processing and ETL

We are responsible for the implementation of data ingestion, transformation and preparation flows, using the services best suited to the context to provide a “turnkey” solution. Our extensive experience in Data & Analytics and our innovative spirit allow us to keep pace with new features and technologies; this makes it possible to implement pipelines with short delivery times, easy to maintain and optimised, to fully exploit the power of the cloud while paying close attention to the costs involved.

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

We will guide you through the process of choosing the best storage solution according to the intended use case, determining together the best way to manage each type of data for analytical purposes. The use of features such as AWS Lake Formation and the perfect interoperability of services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, DynamoDB and EMR now allow the creation of data platforms suitable for every type of need: as a matter of fact each data is managed in the best way according to its nature (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) and end-uses. We set performance, scalability, durability and security as the winning storage features.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

A proper final display and the autonomy of the business when analysing the data is not only one of the most important aspects of an analytical infrastructure, but a key asset for us at Iconsulting. Using services such as Amazon QuickSight allows us to create interactive dashboards and visualisations suitable for displaying all kinds of information in a simple and intuitive way to any corporate role with complete autonomy. The use of visualisation embedding features also allows dashboards to be integrated into applications, extending the user experience to its fullest potential.

Amazon Web Services also awarded us the title of Social Impact Partner of the Year 2020 thanks to our innovative Object Detection Analytics solution.

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