Design, represent, communicate, and control data models throughout the organization.

From the conceptual design of the Data Platform to the navigation of the Data Model, the Indyco suite is the ideal companion for any Business Intelligence technology.
Indyco enables the design of a state-of-the-art Data Platform and Business Glossary, automatically validated by an international rules system, with a modern and flexible UX and in a way that is understandable to business users.
The design of an “agile” and collaborative Data Platform is possible through the Builder and Explorer methodology and tools, which enable business and IT to align throughout the entire data lifecycle improve Enterprise management.


Navigating the data model

Begin top-down analysis from an aggregate view of the Data Platform by moving the mouse over the area to explore and discovering how it is related to other business information.

Building the Data Glossary

Easily get the most value from data by exploring the business model through a graphical map and easily finding the meaning of terms, how the data are calculated, and their relationships

Searching for information

The search function provides results as you type, so you can quickly access the information you are looking for in whatever area it is located.

Live documentation

Navigate and browse the data model to the specific report. The customized view can be saved and stored for later use, for example, as an online help for your dashboards.

Using different views

A well-designed user interface is the only way to make difficult topics simple: Indyco Explorer offers graphical and tabular displays to meet every user’s expectations.

Reverse Engineering

Assesses the state of the Data Platform by importing the data structure and converting it to the conceptual model.

Defining the conceptual model

Using DFM as a formalism and Indyco Builder’s intuitive UX, IT and business managers can sit down together and give meaning to their data model without regard to implementation details.

Data Enrichment

The platform allows conceptual models to be enriched with heterogeneous information that transforms them into a true Business Glossary.

Generating documentation

Detailed document or simple overview? With Indyco you can generate what you need with a single click and be sure it is always effortlessly synchronized.

Generating scripts

Design the Data Platform and let Indyco generate the appropriate script for the target database: one knowledge source, multiple targets.

Discover the suite

It is the modeling tool that supports IT in designing the Data Platform to shape information assets. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and real-time model validation, Indyco Builder enables control and governance of the enterprise Data Platform through up-to-date, easy-to-use documentation.

It helps business users navigate the data model easily and intuitively with a graphical map that will prevent them from losing their way.
Not just a searchable business glossary, but the companion that will unlock the full potential from data.

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