A team of passionate and curious Tech & Business Champions who accompany companies on paths to success.

We are the largest Italian consulting firm focused exclusively on data. Every day we support the largest national and international companies in developing their potential by transforming data into useful information to overcome their challenges. We explore the endless possibilities of the most innovative technologies without ever stopping experimenting with them and expand our capabilities to achieve maximum professional and personal goals and satisfaction.

The combination of teamwork, training and humanity are the drive that makes us grow every day and allows us to foster the inclusive, collaborative and informal corporate culture that has always been the DNA of Iconsulting.


A rich and structured training plan that accompanies professional growth and offers the opportunity to strengthen technical and soft skills and express one’s peculiarities to the fullest. From the first stage of Onboarding, integration into Iconsulting is easier with the help of a Buddy and a Tutor.

Iconsulting’s training plan is rich and structured and accompanies each consultant on their path in the Company from the moment they join. Offering opportunities to strengthen both technical and soft skills and methodological and business aspects, it supports them in their professional and personal growth.

During their first two weeks in the company, new hires gradually come into contact with Iconsulting’s culture and all the people working in the different company functions, familiarizing themselves with our way of working and our characteristics. Professionals of different levels of seniority welcome new Iconsultants in dedicated meetings, during which they explore topics ranging from our history and values to more technical and methodological aspects.

Lo Staffing, the Buddy e the Tutor
The training program offered to new resources is cross-functional and consists of basic and specific technical insights, and one-on-one meetings with the company’s Staffing function, which accompanies them as they enter the projects on which they will work. Each person who joins the Iconsulting group is made to feel welcome and is accompanied in their integration into the Company by two figures: the Buddy and the Tutor. The first is a wingman who helps to more easily orient themselves in the life of Iconsulting, while the second guides the new person or colleague through the project, facilitating their acquaintance with the professionals with whom they will collaborate and the client reality. Following them step by step, the Tutor also supports the new employee in dealing with their growing responsibilities.

On-the-job training and more 
At Iconsulting, in addition to constant on-the-job training, there is access to role-specific courses dedicated both to the knowledge of technological tools and to the development of cross-functional skills, with the aim of strengthening all those dimensions that we consider important in the growth path of our consultants. We also offer the opportunity to participate in various interesting “tech” events, and we rely on the best learning platforms on the market to sponsor our professionals in achieving tech and methodological certifications.

Professional Development

Talent enhancement and people focus are the driving force behind our growth. That is why we have defined and structured an internal career path that guarantees transparent and meritocratic processes. Thanks to Career Advisors, we develop the potential of our professionals and help them grow in the company and design a career future of full satisfaction.

One of our priorities is to pay attention to people. Therefore, we have defined and structured an internal career path to help us ensure transparent and meritocratic processes.

All Iconsulters have the opportunity to be accompanied by a dedicated Career Advisor, a senior professional who cares about developing the potential of the people they supervise and supports them in their professional development and in defining a career path.

At any point along this path, we provide our people with the knowledge and technical and managerial tools to grow within Iconsulting and design a fully satisfying professional future. In fact, our structured model allows us to outline for each person a development path in which different potentials and experiences find room to be understood and enhanced.

Together We Spark

I was impressed by the trust in people who were allowed to make mistakes and learn how to correct them, always relying on the synergy between colleagues. No less important is the sharing of objectives, which immediately made me feel like a key element of a united and cohesive team.
Business Analytics Expert
I could never imagined that once I joined Iconsulting, I would immediately feel part of the team and be lucky enough to work in a young, dynamic and engaging team.
I soon realized that commitment and constant sharing are an integral part of the company's spirit and all the people who are part of it.
Business Analytics Senior Consultant
Working on many projects for different clients has enriched my knowledge and skills, and I have learned to use new technologies and tools. I have also had the opportunity to obtain numerous certifications.
Business Analytics Consultant
In a company with several locations – Bologna, Rome, and Milan – I thought it would be difficult to count on real cooperation between everyone, but I had to change my mind: support and cooperation were immediately created between people as if the physical distances did not exist.
Business Analytics Senior Consultant
Google's certification of Machine Learning, an area of great interest to me, makes me especially proud. Today I can say I am proud to start coordinating activities and junior colleagues on the team.
Business Analytics Senior Consultant
As an intern in the Advisory department of Iconsulting, I immediately had the opportunity to work with highly experienced colleagues. They gave me a chance to get involved in demanding and challenging projects without ever leaving me alone, passing on their skills and passion for this job to me every day.
Thanks to the growth path I chose, I am now a Solution Architect capable of designing high-complexity solutions and technically leading the team. Iconsulting provided me with all the support and tools I needed to do this.
Tech Advisor
Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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