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Oscar draws experience from the world of Analytics: it processes data and metadata and uses Excel as a front-end. It allows you to develop a customized data-entry application in a few minutes without having to write code, thus shortening time to market. Business Analytics systems generate reports from a semantic layer containing business language; Oscar uses the same paradigm to generate data entry forms.

How it works
The software is designed to generate data entry forms, with different views according to user roles and permissions. The design of the applications is achieved through a familiar, simple, intuitive and inexpensive interface. Oscar is the ideal workmate: it brings order and becomes the ultimate source for any type of data. Thanks to an integrated corporate system, it allows you to store them all wherever you want.
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Oscar’s features

Flexibility and speed

This platform allows you to create fully tailor-made data entry and data enrichment applications without a single line of code.

2X easy of use

A single service for multiple applications with a clear goal: to simplify governance for users and developers of Data Entry processes.


You will continue to use Excel, with which you are familiar, and the data is secured on a centralized system. Manual processes are placed in a robust, structured environment that removes the risk of user errors.


The data is not scattered across Excel or stored on inaccessible systems. With no lock-in, the data is yours, wherever you want it to be.

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