Data as a food for thought.


In 2018 Amadori produced a turnover of more than 1.2 billion euros, and it is one of the leading companies in the Italian agri-food sector. The group has grown to have six food transformation plants, 19 branches, 3 logistic platforms and beyond 7.800 collaborators.

Amadori turned to Iconsulting in order to bring the quality, the excellence and the transparency that distinguish it on the market in its internal processes. This is done by speeding up the management of the company Data Warehouse in the processes supporting the decisions and making their business more competitive.


The Data Warehouse has been reviewed and reshaped according to the needs of Business and IT in order to enhance the company’s vast wealth of information and make it available to everyone in a self-service mode.

The two corporates have been able to collaborate without friction to the creation of a conceptual model of own informative wealth, anchored in a shared glossary. This was possible thanks to the implementation of the Indyco suite, developed by Iconsulting.

As the model was designed, business users were required to validate it following a shared understanding process in which users could enrich the business glossary with their own knowledge.

The result is a system that allows business users to understand and interpret the information heritage on the basis of rules that they have helped create.


In addition to these benefits, the implementation of a suite like Indyco has had a decisive impact on the corporate culture by increasing the awareness of business users on the value of data and the potential of its correct use.

Today, thanks to the self-service Business Intelligence, all company’s stakeholders can base their decisions on the unquestionable truth of the data

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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