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Blockchain as a game changer for Supply Chain


Our client, an established fashion company leader in the optics industry, is characterized by a complex and global supply chain that needs to be controlled and managed in a secure manner. The connection between different companies collaborating to create products is ensured by harnessing the potential of Blockchain technology.


The innovation journey through which we have accompanied the client must include two key aspects: a solid governance process, which ensures data consistency and shared consensus on the changes, and an agile approach to project management in order to provide the stakeholders involved with a continuous company value and reduce project risks due to the divergence of their interests.

It is also thanks to this approach that the following has been possible:

  • Involving a large number of suppliers of different production types.

  • Implementing a unified business process for the collaborative and certified management of the master data of the materials and related certificates, by creating an enhanced and distributed database for the suppliers involved.

  • Enabling the traceability and certification of eyeglass production

  • Creating a process of product co-development.

  • Implementing distributed transactional processes, such as the Purchase Order.


The implementation of the Blockchain platform highlighted and allowed the correction of some inefficiencies in the process which were previously managed by the business partners involved. It also made the creation of a “Master Data Record” possible, namely a catalog that reconciles and makes all the co-design information available in a simple and transparent way, which was previously scattered in the information systems of not only the customer but also of the producers.

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