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Following the merger of BPER-Unipol Banca, the BPER Group achieved a market share of almost 5%, confirming itself as the sixth-largest Italian banking group by offering its services to more than two million customers. The BPER Group has the objective of supporting the small savings of families and the company investment, using providing loans as an instrument for developing and promoting territory.

To intercept and satisfy so many different needs on such a vast area, it is necessary to act with timeliness through targeted customer retention actions. In this regard, BPER asked Iconsulting how to obtain unique, concise and quick consultation data on management control and customer development.


We used Indyco and Formwork – our own platforms – to create a new solution that would standardize BPER’s information heritage and make it shareable and available at all levels and in all branches. The implemented data analysis model allows to extract consolidated information from heterogeneous sources. Thanks to a configurable scoring engine it will be possible to calculate the quality of services provided.


The BPER dashboard is consulted by about 2,000 people simultaneously every day. The Quality Department has optimized and reduced the workload, now centrally managed by a single system. High profiling the customers ensures the timely detection of critical issues on individual clients and also ensures greater data security.

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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