Supporting decision making during sales event


Our client, world leader in the design and production of medium to high end eyewear products, boasts an extensive distribution network which makes them a protagonist in all of the world’s most competitive markets, both in Business Wholesale as well as in e-commerce and Retail.


The Wholesale Division management entrusted us with the analysis of the performance of the International Sales Events, important B2B commercial events which take place with great frequency in locations all over the world.

In order to meet the client’s needs, we created an Analytics solution capable of analyzing the evolution of economic performance during events, with particular attention to those relating to new products. With this solution, we wanted to make an indispensable tool available to the sales force for:

  • Planning future events;
  • Making decisions at a corporate level thanks to the constant display of top selling models, and organizing the production of trending items in specific geographic areas; 
  • Taking personalized marketing actions directly at the event thanks to the relative historical information of each individual customer

Frequent updates ensure the solution is always able to offer the best insights to support business decisions and developments on a global scale.


In recent years, International Sales Events have been the main sales channel on which the customer concentrates the greatest investments; thanks to a digital solution which makes it possible to monitor developments on a single platform, today they can further enhance the advantage derived from direct contact with their customers around the world.

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