Passion and performance: the winning bundle


Ducati represents one of the highest expressions of the Made in Italy for its engineering and its design and it is known worldwide for its passion, style and performance. Despite the unbreakable link with the territory of Bologna – where Iconsulting was born– the quality of its production soon led the company to cross the boundaries of the local market, up to the acquisition of one of the most important multinational groups in the automotive industry worldwide.

Absolute transparency and precision in the relations with the German parent company are mandatory to rely on a fast and timely communication. All these aspects prompted Ducati to turn to Iconsulting to design a management system of all its information assets.


The creation of a comprehensive system for the economic, patrimonial and financial planning has been the perimeter of our intervention.

Budgets were once managed autonomously by individual subsidiaries and interpreted by control functions through costly transcoding and consolidation work. We have now implemented a tailor-made system that plans and controls: Ducati uses it to manage the core business and the complementary business such as the sport competitions (MotoGP and SuperBike), the sale of accessories, the collection of information and sell-through from related stores.

Moreover, in optic of an always more careful employment of the resources and control of the costs, we have realizedspecific systems for the optimization of the sourcing process for a careful employment of the resources and control of costs. These systems allow the defragmentation of the moto in atomic elements (WBS – workbreakdown structure) whose costs are continuously monitored according to the best market conditions and to those obtained by suppliers.

A reporting layer, called corporate view, has been created above this operating-functional layer. This system allows to combine all analysis’ perspectives and related KPIs with the right business rules taking advantage of a comfortable point of observation on the processes of the whole company.

Team spirit is an essential element for the success of a business performance management project: our consultants’ mediation has facilitated the involvement of all business function allowing the synergy of transversal skills and the alignment of stakeholders throughout the process.


Nowadays Ducati can count on a unique shared standard applied to collect and interpret data which grants greater clarity when creating and reading reports at all company levels, avoiding misunderstandings.

The benefits of this intervention were not just limited to the transparency and reliability of the data: an aware management of the informative patrimony has allowed Ducati to free up resources that were once dedicated to the consolidation of the data, in order to focus on their analysis and understanding.

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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