From a vision to reality


Founded in 1883, Edison is the oldest energy operators in Europe, and among the leaders in the exploitation of renewable energy in Italy. In all its years of activity it has always operated following values such as sustainability and innovation and is constantly looking for solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers and follow the new models introduced by the digital revolution.

It is precisely because of the need to embark on a Digital Transformation process that effectively supports all business goals related to downstream development that the Group has turned to Iconsulting.


It was immediately clear that the completion of this strategic path required capitalizing on present and future data assets, while taking into account both priorities and infrastructure maturity, in order to ensure sustainable evolution.

One of the critical success factors was the definition of a Data Strategy that took into account all the fundamental variables and would then lead to the development of an innovative Data Platform, including the most modern technologies and guided by work methodologies designed specifically for the customer. This ensured a customized roadmap – based on real business needs – that would maximize scale economies from the point of view of information power, technological development and return on investments.

After the initial Advisory step taken to create a Data Strategy, we moved on to the implementation of the Data Platform: all this allowed us to support the change underway, turning it into a planned digital transition that encompassed the entire corporate ecosystem.

The implemented Data Platform represents not only a hub of internal and external information, but also a powerful processing center that supports an enterprise-wise approach to various business areas and business units, such as:

  • Marketing, supporting all Prospect and Customer Journey;
  • Operations, acting as the base for all processing, consumption monitoring, etc.;
  • the Data Science Lab, providing data and computing power to support the creation of algorithms and models, and ensuring their engineering;
  • energy enhancement, implementing power plant efficiency applications.

This hi-tech layer – made up by an architecture that can respond to all the different Service Levels expected (from real time to the management of large amounts of data, from compliance management to GDPR) – allows the Group to access information in a coordinated manner for reporting development, to power third-party applications, to provide data to Data Scientists, and finally to develop and offer new services to customers and all other stakeholders.


To date, in less than two years, the Data Platform has become the link that connects almost all data-driven initiatives, turning the customer’s initial vision into an increasingly successful reality.

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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