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Better processes and services with Geospatial Data


Among the major national multi-utility  in the Environment, Energy and Water sectors, our customer has undertaken over the years a constant path of expansion and growth that now allows them to provide services to millions of citizens in different Italian regions.

In order to better organize its environmental services, our customer uses an advanced information system that analyzes, processes and transmits the information received: from the hours of activity of the vehicles to the km travelled, up to the percentage of container filling. The data are numerous, but how to enhance the geographical component? To respond to this request, we have designed a geospatial system that takes into account all the needs of the Group.


We have studied and realized a geospatial system for the analysis of the environmental collection activities and for the monitoring of the deviations and anomalies of the service, based on the characteristics of the territory, the user reports from apps and call centers, the integration of the sensors of the field devices, etc.

We implemented a Geo-BI solution based on a Geo-Data Warehouseche, integrating and processing geo-referenced data and data already available internally such as master data, tracking, field data, allowed to calculate KPIs and apply spatial, descriptive and predictive algorithms.


It is not only the Group that benefits from the implementation of the Geo-BI, which thanks to the algorithms is able to monitor and, therefore, to optimize the collection and sweeping services. The better management of the business offers the opportunity to improve the quality of the service offered to users.

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