Data, the booster for a sustainable business model


Based on over 85 years of experience and operating in 30 countries, since 2019 Chiesi is the largest multinational pharmaceutical group to receive B Corp certification for its high social and environmental standards.
In order to implement its strategic sustainability plan and facilitate the transition to the new business model, the Chiesi Group has decided to measure, monitor and certify its strategies and actions, intelligibly reporting the impacts of its activities towards the environment and the community.


We have supported the Chiesi Group in its monitoring of sustainability performance by creating a Data Platform which is able to manage and integrate the impressive and heterogeneous amount of data and ensure proper governance.
The platform enables the collection of structured data sources and allows users to enter their own data that are not included in the system. Through an appropriate approval flow, the information is subsequently certified and validated. Based on the final data model, all KPIs for measuring sustainability performance can be calculated and self-service analyses can be carried out to assess performance, also in comparison with corporate objectives.
Thanks to the technical, operational and strategic dashboards developed by the solution, users can monitor company performance with the utmost attention to the ongoing development of the company’s procedures.


A Data Platform of this kind has made the Group’s transition to a new business model easier and has supported top management in their decision-making process. Thanks to it, the Chiesi Group can:

  • proactively identify the right actions to take and then measure their effectiveness over time with strategic dashboards;
  • centrally control data collection and, at the same time, manage manual data collection in a more structured and flexible way in a single environment;
  • produce reliable indicators with defined, documented and easily verifiable calculation rules;
  • absorb any changes related to evolving sustainability reporting or certification standards with extreme flexibility.
Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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