The power of data to solve the Digital Transformation Challenge


The Dolomiti Energia Group is one of the main Italian multi-utility companies and is active in the entire energy supply chain (production, distribution and sale), in integrated water services, district heating, environmental services, public lighting and in the renewable energy industry. Founded in Trentino, the Group now operates throughout Italy, both directly and through subsidiaries and affiliates, to provide the best energy and gas solutions to Italian families and businesses, protecting the environment with 100% clean energy, hydroelectric power plants and photovoltaic systems.


Thanks to a particular emphasis on technological innovations and market dynamics, the Dolomiti Energia Group has immediately understood the potential of the Data Revolution, promptly embarking on a path of Data Digital Transformation. Our Advisory area has initiated the process, assisting the Group in the study and design of a new full Cloud Data Platform.

In addition to the architectural design activities, some pilot projects have been introduced with a double objective: first, to evaluate the proposals described in the study, in order to make tangible the opportunities offered by new technologies. Second, to enhance data quality processes with specific technical solutions and methodologies.

After the first steps to setup the entire Data Platform – developed with a mix of managed services (PAAS and SAAS) – and the completion of the pilot projects, various business areas have shown interest in the initiative and have been included in the developmental roadmap. In the Metering area, for example, the current challenge is particularly ambitious: to integrate into the Data Platform the readings, even of the 2G meters, using the Data Lake. This way, we can make the information available for standard and advanced analytical purposes and, thanks to the set of cloud-based features, to support sales and billing processes.

The “Dolomiti Data Platform” is today for all intents and purposes a Data Hub enterprise capable of responding to the demand for data from the market, but also from trading, operations and much more. The technological layers that comprise it, including the main ones of Data Integration, Data Storage and Data Consumption, orchestrate data, business rules, analysis perspectives, regulatory principles and GDPR compliance, drive further applications and provide fundamental reporting and data to analysts and Data Scientists.


The Dolomiti Data Platform is at the heart of the Digital Transformation initiatives undertaken by Dolomiti Energia Group and represents a strategic asset in its developmental roadmap towards a Data Driven Company.

The innovative drive of the Dolomiti Energia Group, with our constant contribution, is also leading the Dolomiti Data Platform towards cutting-edge sectors such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Environmental services, energy trading and much more: the numerous projects to be launched will fully exploit the advantages of Data Science algorithms and models for more in-depth and insightful decisions.

“Data is the strategic element for the growth of our Group, to create value and to offer better services every day. Aiming at a state-of-the-art Data management platform is in fact the natural consequence of a solid corporate vision. Together with the experts at Iconsulting, we have overcome a complex challenge in just 4 months: from the analysis of internal needs and the evaluation of market solutions, to the pilot project through which we paved the way for our new and innovative platform.”

Edoardo Fistolera – CIO of Dolomiti Energia Group

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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