Turning Job-search into an easy job.


Over 60% of job hunt in Italy is online. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, which has among its main functions the promotion of employment and development, has turned to Iconsulting to improve its management system of the job hunt to the most advanced digital standards.


To ease its internal digitisation process and simplify administrative processes, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy adopted a system of Enterprise data-warehouse and Business Intelligence that allows to answer analysis and application needs.

A solution to optimize the “choice and selection” process for job offers dedicated to the citizens in the Italian Ministry webpage has been implemented: a “real time” use of technology to support the job suggestion process.

The Italian Ministry is creating an engine with a new paradigm to facilitate career guidance. It is based on the statistical concept of Learn&Refine and it can suggest the best job offers related to the profile of the requesting user. The citizen can now fill in a multiple-choice questionnaire that generates a list of jobs with the highest probability of meeting the needs of the citizen successfully.


Today the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies can count on a computer system developed in a systematic and integrated perspective which is capable to help the cooperation and the spreading of information among the citizens, all public institutions (welfare, Regions, Provinces) and private companies (such as brokerage agencies, training agencies) involved in complex processes of research and public administration.

This system is ready to face the growing challenges associated with the public administration’s digitization process.

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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