Introducing Insight-as-a-service


Rekeep is the leading operator in Italy and one of the most important operators in Europe for the Integrated Facility Management. It operates in more than 90 locations with more than 17,000 employees. The group was established as a maintenance company in 1938 and over the years it has developed a complete range of integrated support services to public and private customers. It is able to cover energy management, logistics, plant management, cleaning, maintenance and property management.

The company’s continuous expansion led to the creation of a data management solution that can guarantee a corporate view of the results and simultaneously provide vertical support to each operation.


A Bi-modal approach is needed when Intervening in heterogeneous and complex realities. It allows us to conjugate consolidated methodologies of Business Intelligence with experimental practices developed on the peculiarities of the customer.

“Moving beyond BI, introducing insights-as-a-Service” is the payoff that best synthesizes vertical Analytics’ protocol developed for Rekeep. The quality of the detected data counts but also the information that it is able to transfer. Thanks to an Information Discovery solution based on a semantic engine, the after-service cluster identifies better service clusters to define more precise economic offers in data-driven-informed-decision mode.


The new data management system is capable of enlightening previously invisible correlations and it has improved the ability to detect and understand information. This information is today a valuable resource to inform on trends, patterns and phenomena hidden from the human eye, which can thus be managed with awareness.

Thanks to the introduction of the Self-concept Service Analysis, users are able to query the data themselves in an integrated environment that shows consistent and correctly aggregated data.

Tomorrow's business opportunity is in today's data.
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