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The Data Digital Transformation roadmap for a forward-looking vision


With over 140 years of manufacturing tradition in eyewear, Safilo Group is one of the most important international players in the design, production and distribution of eyewear. Thanks to a widespread global presence and an innovative business model, the Group oversees the entire production-distribution chain with the aim of enhancing relations with all stakeholders and satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and end consumers. To do so, it has launched a growth pathway which is guided by a 360° digital approach.


We have supported Safilo Group in this path of data-driven transformation, supporting business and digital users to take better decisions through a strategic use of data.

In this way, we have identified the need to design a modern Data Platform: the technological “nerve center” essential to integrate internal and external data provided by partners and offer information in a coordinated and controlled way to the whole company (including the retailer). This is made possible by the creation of a common vocabulary. A platform able to respond to the information needs of different sectors and capitalize the assets that will be built on other Safilo systems (CRM, PIM etc.). The initial inception phase was useful in order to define the Group’s priorities on the forward-thinking abilities of the world of data while it also allowed us to lay the right foundations for the design and implementation of a strategic roadmap that is truly in line with business objectives and company needs.

From the technological point of view, we firstly focused on the analysis of the company’s systems and their limits and opportunities. We then started a subsequent step of Technology Orienteering. This phase led to the establishment of a hybrid structure (on-premise and Cloud) that is able to map the complexity of Safilo’s systems and guarantee scalability of resources.

The technological change was made possible and was accompanied by a cultural change: in fact, initiatives and figures were introduced as catalysts of change, aimed at developing new skills.


With the realization of this modern Data Platform, which adopted the name “Control Tower“, business and digital users of Safilo Group today can:

  • Have global data, shared, updated and certified, which facilitates the decision-making process of the different sectors
  • Allow the user to deal only with the analysis of the data and not with its production, thus reducing inefficiency and errors in retrieving and building information
  • Start thinking cross-functionally by breaking down functional silos
  • Enable Advanced Analytics and data discovery solutions through data-driven management
  • Communicate in a more agile manner across sectors to facilitate pervasive and shared change across the company.

Want to know more about Safilo’s Digital Transformation roadmap?
Watch the recording of the Webinar “Data and Analytics drive Safilo Group’s digital transformation”.
Together with Loredana Dilauro, Business Intelligence Delivery & Support Manager and Guido Saponaro, Digital Transformation – Process Reengineering PMO Senior Manager at Safilo Group, we illustrate how we have supported the Group in building a strategic roadmap.
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