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A clear roadmap towards better control


SCM Group has been a leader in woodworking technologies since 1952 and has a strong industrial vocation in its DNA. Thanks to the three main production centers in Italy, the system of consolidated branches present all over the world, and the most extensive distribution network in the sector, it offers its customers the best-in-class performances with regards to quality and speed.

At a time of significant changes, SCM Group has chosen us to develop a path to a profound corporate transformation, in particular in the area of Finance, with the goal of effectively and quickly monitoring the company’s economic, equity, and financial KPIs through a redefinition of Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications.


In the context of the revision of ERP systems, the sharing of an Assessment Path in the Performance Management area was the starting point that set the course for the transformation, making it possible to follow a multi-year roadmap.

The new economic, equity, and financial reporting package has been redesigned, analysis KPIs have been clarified, main business logic and necessary data flows have been identified, with consistent consideration of multiple factors, which are as follows:

  • roadmaps designed for ERP and BI;
  • sharing well-defined times to give value to the investment incrementally;
  • the adoption of prototypes or quick-win solutions during specific stages of the transformation;
  • involvement of the company functions, facilitating the synergy of  diverse skills and the alignment of stakeholders throughout the process;
  • the time for certification of data, logics, and absorption of the 360 degree transformation;


Currently SCM Group can rely on a clear plan that connects strategic objectives to finance projects, maximizing the benefit of investments.

The finance processes have a cross-cutting design throughout the entire technological stack, with a single shared standard for the collection and interpretation of data, which guarantees greater clarity in the creation and reading of reports at all levels of the company, eliminating the risk of any misunderstandings.

Applications are flexible to be able to incorporate business changes, such as the acquisition of new companies or the management of phase-in and phase-out products.

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