The right to succeed.


Sky Italia is the most important pay-per-view TV platform in Italy with over 5 million clients. It is essential to continue promoting competitive offers in order to satisfy a growing public. Costumers constantly evolve their preferences and have precise expectations on the standards of use of their content.

Activities such as the purchase and management of own and third parties’ rights; the monitoring of the subscribers’ base during activations; the rescissions and the package changes are among the most expensive operations for any company in terms of cost and time. How can we obtain a complete view on the availability of the rights and properly assess the impact of the purchased rights while significantly reducing the time needed to produce the official reporting?


The solution to the requests of the Management Control and Administration teams is to automate the reporting process with Fast Close. All relevant information about legal rights such as episodes, gender, language, suppliers, channels and contracts has been integrated into a single system, which allows simulations and variances analysis and provides support to budgeting processes, forecasting and Long range Plan.


The first step to get rid of routine activities that produce little added value is to have a centralized and modular vision about rights management. The time saved in planning, reporting and accounting activities is invested in the development of professionalism and in decision making processes with the active participation of all team members.

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