I joined Iconsulting as a master’s student in computer engineering. I had had several interviews with other companies, but I felt that ‘Ico’ was different, and it was.

I was immediately welcomed as a member of a ‘big family’ and felt comfortable and able to express myself in a young, interesting, and stimulating environment. The help of my colleagues was fundamental, as was the training I had access to and on which the company relies heavily.

Time has literally flown from the day I joined to the present day, and almost four years later, I realize how many opportunities the company has given me and continues to give me. Working on many projects for different clients has enriched my knowledge and skills, and I have learned to use new technologies and tools. I have also had the opportunity to obtain numerous certifications. All these aspects are undoubtedly cornerstones that make me enthusiastic and proud to work for this company.

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