I joined Iconsulting after graduating with a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, and I immediately felt comfortable: a young and dynamic environment, where I immediately met extremely enthusiastic people with whom to collaborate on challenging and innovative projects.

From the very first months I had the opportunity to work with different clients using dozens of different technologies, continuously delving into new tools and methodologies. This pushed me to choose a Tech path in Iconsulting, oriented to the world of technologies and architectures in the world of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

A path of growth that has led me to be today a Solution Architect able to design solutions of high complexity and technically lead the team in the implementation, ensuring quality solutions. Iconsulting provided me with all the support and tools I needed to do this: I attended events and conferences of major Cloud Providers and Independent Software Vendors to stay up-to-date on new technologies and market trends, took part in numerous training courses, and received important technology certifications.

In the last period, I have also been appointed as AWS Tech Coordinator and affiliated with Big Data Practice & Cloud Platform: recognitions that allow me to contribute with my work to the growth and expansion of methodologies and knowledge of the whole company, spreading best practices and know-how to all my colleagues.

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