I could not have imagined that, as soon as I joined Iconsulting, I would immediately feel part of the team and find such a friendly and inclusive environment.

At the beginning of my experience I was lucky enough to join a team of competent and, most importantly, friendly people. As time went on, I realized that the unique traits of that group, made up of approachable and empathetic people, were the same ones I would find in all of my coworkers because they were integral to the company spirit.

The spirit that the whole company strives to convey, from top management to the new Iconsulters, making sure that an atmosphere of not only great professionalism but also friendliness can be felt everywhere.

The sharing and discussion of work and strategic issues promoted at every level of leadership at Iconsulting helped me to face challenges proactively thus giving me the opportunity to learn and grow every day.

The company is committed to organizing initiatives and carries out internal projects aimed at empowering its employees, promoting cohesion and well-being within the company. Unity is strength, and at Iconsulting we hold this principle strong, as our motto goes, “Together We Spark.”

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