An Italian government institution needed an efficient crime analysis system to effectively fight petty crime, in order to integrate location analysis with data about crimes: Iconsulting developed a GeoDataWarehouse and Location Intelligence solution.

The solution presents powerful Spatial what-if analysis capabilities: it gives the possibility to actively interact with the map by adding simulated features (i.e. Police Stations) to the GeoDataWarehouse on-the-fly, and to immediately see their impact on crimes in simulated scenario.

The implemented solution helps petty crime fighting process meet both data exploration needs and decision-making aspects.

The synergy between Spatial capabilities, Data Mining and OBIEE has been applied to an Italian government institution dealing with crime fighting as one of its core activities, addressing the needs for an automated tool for discovering recurrent crime patterns, considering both analytical and spatial data.

The client’s GeoDataWarehouse and Location Intelligence infrastructure have been extended, enabling proactive analysis rather than just reactive responses.

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